PSA Application

Guidelines for PSA Video Media Entries

  • The video must be no less than 25 seconds, and no more than 30 seconds in length, not including credits. 
  • Entries are accepted from individuals and groups.  For groups, it is the entrant’s responsibility to make sure that all group members are listed on the entry form.
  • Any music used in the video must be created by the entrant or come from “royalty-free” sources.  Please be sure that music can be used for this purpose, utilize royalty-free music in accordance with artist guidelines, and properly credit the musician where needed.  Entries using copyrighted music or using music sources not included in the credits will be immediately disqualified.  All materials used for the video must be properly cited and referenced if not original.  Please see the “Tips” section for music/sound effect resources. 
  • We highly recommend that your video be in the MP4 (.mp4 file extension) format.  Other accepted video file formats are: .wmv, .mov, and .avi.
  • There are no resolution guidelines, but ensure that your entry is of reasonably good quality so as to be viewed without pixelation during the review on a television, computer or cell phone.
  • You will not be directly uploading your video in the entry form.  You will need to upload your video to a platform that allows for the sharing of the video (e.g. YouTube, GoogleDrive, DropBox, etc.).  You will then upload only the link to the video.  Make sure that the link is functioning and can be accessed by Masks Are Mecine.  Use if your link requires permission for sharing/viewing.