Alana Lee – The Reality – Lake Elsinore

I chose this as my message entry because this shows the true reality of our everyday lifestyle. For the majority of us this is our new normal. These images I am sharing tell a story to me. I’ve been socially distant from my family for 7 months now. It’s been tough, but I know I am not alone. For us to keep in touch we zoom call or FaceTime. At the start of our global pandemic shelves were so bare empty, it was insane. No one took the quarantine precautions seriously in the beginning. People bought stocks of food, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and etc. The message I want others to see is that this isn’t supposed to make our lives miserable, but to make us keep our families, friends, and loved ones safe. We are all in this together, not one person is alone during this pandemic. As hard as it may seem in the moment, we will get through it as a country. As much as, we want to keep ourselves safe, we have to consider the lives of those around us. I want people to care for those they surround themselves with. I hope the people can understand that the pandemic isn’t a hoax. Our first responder’s aren’t staying at their working facilities for 24 hours plus for no reason. We aren’t throwing family/friend parties for a reason. We have safety guidelines for a reason. As much as we want to be over it, we can’t until everyone takes the safety measures provided.

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