Ashley Mendiola – Little Do You Know – Cathedral City

For me one of the biggest parts of my life consists of music. Ever since I was little music was like my companion. If I was sad and I needed to cry I could listen to music to either cry even more or calm down. If I was mad all I had to do was listen to my favorite song and the anger would go away; sometimes more than others. During this horrible pandemic music helps me forget about what we’re going through. Because music is something so important to me I decided to use a song as a way of helping people understand that we have to keep ourselves safe no matter how much we hate it. Just to clear up any misunderstanding, I changed most of the lyrics to the original song but not every one. I’m not sure if that’s my entry valid but I still want to submit it. I submitted a picture of me but my actual entry I shared it through the email put on the PSA application because it did not let me upload my entry.

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