Vivian Le – The Malady With Infectious Love – Moreno Valley

The message I portray in my poem warns the public about keeping their distance and the how COVID can really affect people through a topic that has been around since the beginning of time. Romance. My poem turns the coronavirus into a a tangible person, a lady that breaks the heart of whomever she comes across. Her love, representing the disease, is infectious, and can leave a person in heartbreak. One stanza in the poem mentions revealing your mask as a mistake, which in the poem represents letting your guard down toward someone you have fallen in love with. Some times, revealing your true self to the wrong person can result in diaster. This is a creative representaion of today, refering to using some sort of face covering to prevent the coronavirus from entering our respiratory systems. Also, you may take notice that the word “malady” appears a couple times throughout the poem. The word m’lady refers to a woman, but malady simply put is another word for sickness. This error in spelling in the poem is completely intentional, as it portrays the coronavirus, a sickness, as a woman’s dangerously infectious love. I chose this theme because everyone in their life no matter background, age, or gender is familiar with romance. Taking something ‎foreign like a new disease, and turning it into something recognizable might help the world truly envision the dangerous of this contagious virus.

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