Art Application

Guidelines for Health Ambassador Entries

  • Artwork may be created using any medium (e.g. pencils, paints, markers, pens, crayons, cut-out colored paper, acrylic, watercolor, oil, spray paint, etc.).  Once created, you must scan or take a photo of your artwork and submit as either a png, jpg, or jpeg file.  Ensure any photo or scan of your artwork is as clear and sharp as possible
  • Filename should include your name and artwork title, i.e., yourname_artworktitle.jpeg
  • Only jpg, jpeg and png files will be accepted
  • Digital Art is allowable and includes digital painting, digital photography, or digital illustration. The use of photos in the creation of textures and the technique of photo-bashing are allowed when all underlying content is property of the participant.  There are no resolution guidelines, but ensure that your entry is of reasonably good quality so as to be viewed without graininess or pixelation during the review on a computer or cell phone.